Fire, Fat & Feelings

My Quest for Greater Happiness, Health & Wonder!

April 2019

Just a lot going on!

I'm not complaining, but there's a lot going on lately. And I'm not just referring to having my first part time job in a while, but just, you know, the Universe if you will. (Yes, I'm a bit of an odd one, but that's exactly why I started this project, and perhaps why you are here at all!)

2019 this far has been full of changes. Almost everything I had left from before is either changing radically or the for me relevant people are moving on. It's almost as if I'm being tested to see if I can let go and live in uncertainty. And I'm doing surprisingly well, though I need to remind my self to grieve for things lost occasionally. It's okay to grieve; even healthy.

But it's a lot of just amazing energy on the positive side too. My keto/carnivore journey is chugging along and I keep coming across interesting things to read and watch, broadening my knowledge. And this is true with mindfulness and spirituality as well. All three are essential parts of my chosen lifestyle. A lifestyle that has brought me back from the brink, and slowly begun to transform me from someone I really didn't like and didn't want to be, to someone I feel amazing about! I would even say I say I love you to my self' and mean it more than half the time by a long way now. Just that alone!

I need to keep writing too though. Not just reading and watching… 😁

It's finally up!

I've been wanting to add my voice to a couple of different conversations for some time now, and finally I decided to do it this way. To build a site where I can write about this stuff. Oh, and I'm hoping to play around with podcasting and Youtube videos too eventually.

Basically I'm trying to bypass my own inclination of letting perfection be the enemy of good enough, so that's why I'll let things be unpolished sometimes. I need to start hitting that 'Publish' button and get this rolling!

I will write a proper 'About' section eventually, but one of the aims I am most excited about with this project is to try and make a cross-over between spirituality and health, but with a Keto perspective. The ketogenic lifestyle, along with meditation and a delving in to the spiritual nature of being alive is basically the foundation of my journey, but few others talk openly about these things. So I will. At least that's my intention.

So three cheers for my new project! 🥂 May it bring good things to all who want them!