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December 2018

TED on the Future of the Internet

I watched this TED playlist almost by mistake, and found it to be very interesting and well worth the time.

How did the internet take over our lives?

TED Talks that make sense of this brave, new, virtual world.

For me the talks by Margaret Gould Stewart, Zeyneo Tufekci, Tristan Harris, James Bridle and (especially) Jaron Lanier were all super interesting and relevant. Scott Galloway's talk is funny, and worth listening too, even though I slightly recoil at his self-professed "progressive" label, as this tends to be socialism in disguise and I am firmly a liberal with conservative overtones. But he had a few great points.

The talk by Mehdi Oridikhani-Seyedlar was interesting in is own right, but I'm not entirely sure it comes of as particularly relevant next to the others, even though attention is part of this discussion. Save it for last.