Meandering Thoughts

Finding my own path…



Tonight was a bit weird. For the first time in I don't know how long I felt what I can only describe as cravings. Eventually I found two pieces of darkish (70%) chocolate and a couple of keto cookies. And yes, to most, even on keto, this isn't cheating. Not even really to me, but I didn't enjoy the loss of control.

Now I'm trying to think what could have caused it. And a few things, though they almost all stem from my current temp job. It's a relatively unstructured job, and I feel unsure of how quickly things should be done and not even always sure what should be done. But that's OK for a short burst. But it has screwed with my meditation in so far as I do less than normal on some days. There's also a certain set of routines that have been slightly thrown off, and that could add to it. As could sleep I guess, and I sleep a little too little right now.

For a short spell I thought it might be that I've spent the last two days feet from heaps of candy. Because part of the job is handing it out to passers bye. Now though I'm starting to think the most likely explanation may be a lack of water and salt!

Working weird hours and away from home so much makes me forget to drink (even coffee sometimes), and I definitely haven't eaten enough salt for the last week. I salt my food plenty, and I do drink ketoraid, but that's not enough. Especially not with some added stress.

Tonight I did have those bickies and the chocolate, but I also had a good bit of salt and over a liter of water. After the salt and water, the craving ceased immediately.

The takeaway is: always try salt and water if you get irrational cravings!