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My first five day fast

A while back I tried a longer fast for the first time in a while, and it was pretty great! Surprisingly so. I even started it because my body more or less told me I should do it.

I then got it in to my head that I should make a talking head video about it. Partly to help others who might be thinking about fasting, but even more so to actually make a frickin' Youtube video. I wanted ot dare my self into making one. And I did. Now, is it perfect? No. Which is sort of the point.

I have a major issue with overthinking and overplanning almost everything. And where does that lead? Well, I'll tell you where. Nowhere is where. So while I see that the lighting could be better, or the what ever I try not to care. The important part was making it, and publishing it. And I did!

Alongside the fast that alone may have been one of the most significant personal wins in a while actually. 😁