Fire, Fat & Feelings

My Quest for Greater Happiness, Health & Wonder!

My name is Tobias Vemmenby, and I started playing with what I then knew as LCHF (Low carb high fat) as a New Years resolution in 2010/2011. When I started I weighed 120kg/264,5lbs, ate anti-depressants, and was geenrally very miserable with a lot of mental bagage.

The spring of 2011 started to change all that however. Switching to low carb quickly started to help me think straight and I lost 10kg/22lbs in just a couple of months! I even started to workout a bit, even though I've never before even felt the urge to do so. I have ever since refered to the spring of 2011 as the spring I was reborn, that's how profound the difference was.

It took me a while to dare to wean off anti-depressants even though I switched to St John's Wort when my original doctor at University retired and something failed with moving me to a new one. But I never really felt the sertralin did much difference anyway. It may have been what stabilized me enough to start looking in to changing my lifestyle, though to be fair it could have been the talk sessions with various doctors and social workers too.