Fire, Fat & Feelings

My Quest for Greater Happiness, Health & Wonder!

My first five day fast

A while back I tried a longer fast for the first time in a while, and it was pretty great! Surprisingly so. I even started it because my body more or less told me I should do it.

I then got it in to my head that I should make a talking head video about it. Partly to help others who might be thinking about fasting, but even more so to actually make a frickin' Youtube video. I wanted ot dare my self into making one. And I did. Now, is it perfect? No. Which is sort of the point.

I have a major issue with overthinking and overplanning almost everything. And where does that lead? Well, I'll tell you where. Nowhere is where. So while I see that the lighting could be better, or the what ever I try not to care. The important part was making it, and publishing it. And I did!

Alongside the fast that alone may have been one of the most significant personal wins in a while actually. 😁

Bacon. Because bacon!

Bacon is one of the best things. Period! It's tasty, It's healthy (well, most types). And it's so easy to make! My personal way to go is using The Bacon Method, as it frees me up to do other things while I'm waiting.

Some people have tried to eat nothing but bacon in fact, and many seem to have done very well on it. At the end of the day it's really a pork-based carnivore diet after all.

While I've never tried eating just bacon so far, I am finding my self more and more carnivore and it is spectacular! I feel great when I stick to meat.