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Share Your Gifts

Some of you may know that Apple produces special holiday ads every year, and I was very pleased with the one they came up with for 2018. It's not really selling a product (though of course it is in a way). To me it is pointing out that you shouldn't just hide what you make and create (using Apple products), you should share it with the world. Your gifts are given you to be share around. I like that. Don't hide, don't be scared.

As an aside, I love behind the scenes videos for any creative endeavour. As an aspiring polymath (it sounds ever so slightly less douchey and self-important than renaissance man…), I love being inspired by how and what other creatives do. To my great joy Apple has released some behind the scenes stuff for a couple of ads, including this one. Again, I think they are well worth watching. You can do so much with very little today. Not to mention the enormous kudos I give Apple for actually letting them build a physical set!

Perhaps these ads aren't for everyone, but I love them! And I don't seem to be alone at any rate… 😌

Share your gifts!