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Tobias Vemmenby

Only coming to understand he wanted to write and tell stories after a prolonged, and deep, life crisis, Tobias Vemmenby is a writer with a varied and wry take on the world. As life would have it, he is currently residing with several cats in Scania, southern Sweden. And yes, he lives with his mum in her big house and, usually, her husband for four out of seven days. He also have his paternal grandparents as next door neighbours. It slightly odd, but basically works for now.

Tobias writes mostly fiction in a mix between fantasy and drama (with the occasional erotic scene thrown in for good measure). He has been known to pen the odd article or blogpost as well.

He can be found in various places online, but the most personal is probably on his Tumblr Adventure! and his Toobydoo Twitter account.

This site is still very much under construction…