☞ About

☞ About

I am The Debonair Mystic and I’m very glad to see you here. I hope you will find something of use to you, or perhaps even something amusing or thought-provoking.

My story will probably show up all over the place as we go on, but as a short introduction, I’ve been lowcarb, and now for all practical purposes carnivore, for close to ten years at this point and I am utterly hooked. I’ve never felt better, been healthier, only once been thinner, and never been stronger than I am today. If I add mental wellbeing to that, well no one should be surprised at my choice!

My thought and ideas are continually evolving, and I am very curious about bodily health, mental health and how it all fits on to a larger canvas of consciousness and existence. I write on very down to earth topics, as well as some rather out there issues too. Again, I hope to evolve as I go along.

My own health journey has dealt with, and in some cases continues to deal with depression, abandonment issues, childhood issues, possible past lives issues, eating disorders, chronic pain and the medical establishments lack of science and the scientific lack of curiosity outside a few very well defined areas. And I may well find myself ponder even more esoteric subjects like art, music and women. I’ve been single for more hours than I care to count, no could probably come to that, and well that journey may well find itself in these posts as we go along too.

Just to be clear: I am not a doctor. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree for God’s sake. In culture studies and publishing no less, because who needs a job really… (Actually it’s broadly an effect of my for many years untreated depression, but I’ll probably get to that eventually.) I studied the history of ideas and science, psychology, and religion. But there’s also some informatics, a high school diploma in science, and lately some music, style and art. I like being broad and have a knack for drawing parallels between subjects. I think some of us need to do that to help people understand the world we live in. Nevertheless, I only describe what I’m trying, reading, thinking and testing. And why. Not as medical advice, just to offer possibly new ideas for you to mull over.

But that’s enough waffling for now! Thank you for reading. And again, welcome stranger! It’s great to have you here.