☞ Bienvenue

☞ Bienvenue

I’m still not quite sure what this blog is supposed to be. But I have this feeling I need to start sharing. Sharing ideas, sharing my thought, sharing what I love.

Now my interests go far and wide, but it’s a fair assumption that this page will mainly focus on health. But health in a broader sense.

I believe health has several aspects to it. It’s what you eat, and I believe that should mainly be meat, it’s herbs and fungi, and possibly a supplement or two to help with specifics. It’s how you live your life, grounding and chasing what to wear and take in. Beauty, sensualism, mysteries, eroticism, sex, wonders, happiness, feelings, movement, all of it. Mind and body in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

Do I live like this? Not quite, but I try to make it more like this every day. Hopefully, my exploration of a more magical and healthful life can inspire you to try things too.

Enjoy the journey, it’s really called life!

Tobias VemmenbyThe Debonair Mystic