☞ Bienvenue

☞ Bienvenue

I am The Debonair Carnivore, and this is my place. About ten years ago my life came crashing down around me. To be fair, the problems started already with my parent’s divorce which hit me very hard. I spent the best part of my 20s being depressed, but only very late received any kind of help with it.

Anyway. I come home and my then-wife had decided she wanted a divorce. At the time I did not, and my life collapsed. I was depressed, alone, had lost my beliefs, tired of life, fat, and with no hopes. Sure I was on sertraline at that point, but they never really did much for me. When I moved on to St Johns Wort I definitely did better. They were very much like the sertraline, except for the downsides (including sexual, digestive and weight problems).

The only real place I had left to go was home. I was 27 and moved back home to moms (admittedly very large) house. Little did I know this was to be my saving grace. For a New Year’s resolution, I and my mum decided to try going lowcarb. That’s when everything slowly started to turn for me.

It’s now more than ten years since that afternoon in my kitchen. I have taken control of my health. I’ve lost weight. I’ve found new friends. I’ve got new hobbies and my entire lifestyle is unrecognisable. And while I’m not done, I want to start giving back to the communities that have helped me so much.

I’m writing and working with health and self-help through keto-carnvore (something like 95% animal-based for me these days), mindfulness and meditation, and a renewed interest in consciousness, spirituality and the finer things in life. I aim to do this with style, panache and a certain level of Joie de Vivre. I’m thinking Rome and the Rockies; jeans and suits; Ferrari and Jeep; elegance and wilderness in one. I sincerely hope I can be of assistance to at least a few of you.

Be amazing, and have a glass of champagne ?

Tobias VemmenbyThe Debonair Carnivore