☞ Var hälsad, främling!

☞ Var hälsad, främling!

Since time immemorial it has been said “When truth and fairness are different from the law, it is better to follow truth and fairness”. And I think anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can tell why I find this relevant in our ‘post-couff’ world. Europe and the rest of the Western world are adrift, and badly so. Darkness encroaches and the common man is expected to suffer the despair in his heart, as he is told not to believe his lying senses.

While fell down the rabbit hole of ill tidings and evil intent only a few years ago, I today realise the lies go deeper and farther than I ever thought possible. I can see where we are as part of a greater and much longer tale. A tale that I have my doubts will end before I leave this earth for my journey on.

This small piece of pixels and text on the Internet is part of my resistance. I’ve been left with little choice. Not least, the rampant silencing and outright censorship have made it even more relevant. We are human beings of many a proud race. We are being remoulded against our will, from the images of our gods, into the mixed image of greedy lunatics thirsting for power and wealth. Their ideal seems to be a rootless, familyless, community-deprived, trans-human, free-range, tax slave. A homunculus1Though there are many more controversial names for what they want. Neither Kallergi nor the USSR minced words. The EU and the USA have just followed suit. who lives to consume and be told what to do. My ideal human loves his or her folk, honours their gods and forefathers, considers their children even before they are born, eats right, thinks right, and lives right. Preferably lives full of magic; but magic is, for better or worse, something each one has to find and experience for himself when he is ready.

In its current form, these Fires of Midgård will be tripartite. Under ‘Chronicle’, you will find a semi-regular set of articles and posts. Some to inform, some to try and help, a few about me, and, since no man lives on information alone, there will be the occasional fun one too. Mostly the Chronicle is written in English, but there will be occasional Swedish content as well. Both for relevance and usefulness. Under ‘Green Man Healing’, you will find my healing services. I am a trained and Certified Body Code Practitioner, as well as studying other forms of healing and therapy. Information will be added as I get along. I may also spend some time describing things I have done that I have found helpful, not least in terms of living with ‘chronic’ pain and regaining my health. Finally, there is ‘Resources’. Under this heading, I will add links to things, services, and more, that I find useful and interesting. Should said thing be considered ‘dangerous’ by the authorities because they do not wish you to live your own life as you see fit, well all the better I suppose.

My mission is not to tell you what to think or what to do. My mission is to help wake you up. To help you realise that you are the one responsible for your life, your choices, and your thinking. And that by going along with what is going on, you are giving up what it means to be human and part of the divine. I believe in magic, Spirit, the gods, and all sorts of things many probably do not. I’m happy to tell you about it. But all I want you to do is to think and consider for yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a medical doctor. My health ideas are my own and stem from studies for my health journey2To be fair, a health journey allopathic medicine in essence told me couldn’t be done, nor did they ever offer any solutions or ideas., you are free to use my services and recommendations at your own discretion and responsibility. If you are unsure, consult your physician.

Life is a Mystery; be open to it!

Tobias VemmenbyTender of the Fire