Fire, Fat & Feelings

My Quest for Greater Happiness, Health & Wonder!


My name is Tobias Vemmenby, and I used to be depressed, quite overweight and with few hopes of ever feeling happy again. But through a journey that I could never have predicted, nor could really see until I, to quote Steve Jobs, looked back, I am happier than I've ever been. Thinner than I've been since my early twenties, and healthier than likely ever!

This site is about that healing journey, as it began, and as it continues. Every day, for going on a decade soon! A healing adventure if you will.

My hope is that this project can, at the very lest, add food for thought to anyone who wants to feel better in their life. Of all the communities I have been part through out, the keto one has been one of the most fun, supportive and pleasant. But there have been other good ones too. And my wish is to combine them, show them, and help you find your own mix of community, healing and love of life. Humans are complex; we should embrace this.

For me I use a combination of keto, mindfulness, spirituality and a love of cooking; with less obvious things like music and technology, to help me towards my happiest and healthiest self. I am convinced you can find your combination too! I'll do my best to try and explain, and if you want, help you along your path!

This is very early on for this project, and I'm not sure where I want it to go yet. But please come along and explore with me.