Feudalism – The Return

Feudalism – The Return

Since realising the party I was working for wasn’t what I thought1Although I also adjusted my views some at the same time. But I still think I fell victim to the old truth that when you see how the sausage is made, you either stop eating or don’t care. I stopped eating in this case., I’ve had to question some of my positions throughout that career. One of the ones I still am proud of, is that I did try to work against a reinstatement of conscription in my country. The party still voted for it, and the country too. But I was against it then, and am still now.

At the time, my opposition was based around the idea that the state and government, in my view, does not have the opinion to order anyone to do anything. Especially not risk one’s life. My position is that a country needs to be run so well, so true to the heart and soul of the folk of that nation, that if or when there is an enemy at the gates, people will fall over themselves to defend what is theirs. Conscription allows a country to be run like a third-world shit-hole without consequence for the people in charge.

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen takes this idea a step further. He calls it Feudalism 2.0. And, now, as I too have started to pay attention to the various threads that are coming together, I fully agree. From enforced vaccinations, to, in my country, mandatory state schools, to conscription and perhaps a widening of this to include well more than military service. For free.

Perhaps someone might think I, and Bjørn, are being overly conspiratorial here? I do not think so. The direction is very clear. Some might even say “But you have to do your duty and then demand your rights”2A classic socialist saying in Sweden: Gör din plikt, kräv din rätt.. To this is say: bollox! Our right have been boiled down to “free” stuff from the government. My right to life, to do honest work, to own my land, to offer my services, to live as I see fit whilst not infringing on the rights of another. These are NOT state given, they were given us by the Gods.

It is quite clear that the so-called social contract of pretty well all Western3Clearly there are levels in hell here. nations have been most thoroughly broken at this point. And the tool used to set fire to what’s left is a combination of plandemics, eternal wars, and climate psychosis.

We have to wake up to what is being done to us. Whether it is every day control with CBDC and surveillance “for your safety and convenience” or this new type of utter ‘thralldom’. The state does not own you. It is time we all remembered that.

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