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☞ The X-Files was right! (About this too…)

☞ The X-Files was right! (About this too…)

The propaganda around American alphabet-soup organisations is everywhere. Some of the most popular TV shows in history are about how, ultimately, they are defenders of what is right and good in this world. Even if our specific hero sometimes has to fight the tedious, and occasionally evil, bureaucracies of (especially) Washington. Of the shows about these, mostly, three-letter agencies, one stands out in my mind. The X-Files. It was always at the very least more nuanced. There were good individuals (such as Mulder, Scully, and Skinner), but mostly the FBI was either portrayed as inept, actively trying to hide the truth, in the hands of dark forces, or even part of the dark forces. Yes, you can find exceptions, but looking back it is quite striking how negative towards the FBI this FBI show was.

No wonder it was always my favourite. 😏

Lately, it has become abundantly clear that if the FBI as an organisation ever was good, that’s now well in the past. It is now a highly politicised tool, mostly used by the government in general against citizens, and more often than not by the left against the right. I hope there are real Mulder’s and Sculley’s working away in the organisation, but I’m finding it ever harder to believe.

And for old time’s sake, why not enjoy some funny scenes from one of the best shows of the 90s:

Remember to laugh, remember that the truth is out there, and keep looking at the sky.

As always, keep tending your fire.

☞ Time Out…

☞ Time Out…

It may be that you wonder where I’ve gone on social media, Twitter and Instagram specifically. Well, early in July I was suspended for calling John Oliver a two-faced liar and coward. He and his team had tweeted something about standing up for freedom of speech and I called him out on his bullshit. As it transpires, this is verboten in our ‘free’ society…

To be fair, I was only banned for a week. However, when they also told me I could still be on there to watch limply like some sort of Valley cuck, I said “screw it” and logged off for a while. Most likely I will return at some point if for no other reason than that I have plenty of friends on both platforms. But for now, I’m out making things (I’ve built a stairway in the garden!) and learning new things.

Just today I got enrolled in The Body Code over at Discover Healing. It’s the second step now that I’ve become certified in The Emotion Code. My plan is to become a full-time healer (and possibly bard, as in writer).

As ever tending the fires.

☞ Keep thinking for yourself!

☞ Keep thinking for yourself!

One great casualty of the ‘pandemic’ was my trust in the mainstream media, my trust in politicians, my trust in institutions, my trust in… in ‘The State’ essentially. I grew up with a healthy scepsis, sure, but fundamentally I believed in the system and that it worked more for us than against us. I can’t believe this anymore. Because I have seen it for what it is. A lie. Has it ever been what it looked like it was? I really don’t know. I hope it was. And broadly, it did look that way.

I should have woken up with 9/11. I should have woken up with the one-two punch of Assange and Snowden. But this wasn’t my path. Slowly I got into low-carb eating, and this led to my finally starting to wake up with the events of 2020/2021. And now here we are. I believe the pandemic was a hoax of epic proportions, designed to accomplish something else. Possibly digital IDs and total government control. Ostensibly, this has failed. Now they need a new distraction so they can fix it. Which is why I have many questions about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It’s superbly convenient for an incredible number of people. For now, I’m only on the side of the people getting hurt in a game they don’t control. But something about the whole thing stinks to high heaven. But I do not know what. This video puts the finger on much of what I feel too:

Whatever happens, keep thinking your own thoughts. And tend to your fire.

☞ Further down the rabbit hole

☞ Further down the rabbit hole

A little over a year ago, I had started to really wonder about the whole Corona thing. In the beginning I was more or less as panicked as everyone else. How could you not be? Though I never wore a face diaper. That seemed such a stupid thing already then. Restricting breathing during a flu can’t be good, and the particles in question are much smaller than the holes in most of the masks anyway. But I did the hand washing, I used the sanitiser, I stopped touching things or people. I even felt betrayed by my own hands! I had good friends online though, who were very much telling me this was not what it seemed. And I guess the soiled had already been tilled. Hours of The X-Files, Mysterious Universe, going lowcarb (yes actually), and Judy Mikovits‘ book A Plague of Corruption had primed me well. Something didn’t add up!

I know longer remember how I stumbled across these three documentaries. But even though there’s since been tons of other sources, and I now can see that other things fit in to my rapidly evolving world view, these three really cracked me open. Now some of you might be thinking, oh here we go. You watched Plandemic and bought it. And you would be right. I did watch it, and I thought a lot about it. But I did not really know what to make of it, other than that I did not have any reson to doubt especially Mikovits. For various reason I had come across Dave Rubin and Del Bigtree related to other subjects, but Rubin led me to No Safe Spaces, and Bigtree to Vaxxed.

Watching No Safe Spaces more or less opened me up to what I had been feeling for a while. Our freedoms were being chipped away at. The movie predominantly deals with the US, but in Europe the protections are weaker, and possible under even more stress. And though the documentary mainly deals with conservatives not being allowed to speak, I think the issue is much wider than that. We are no longer allowed to question main stream narratives. Main stream ideas. I’ve experienced it my self several times. Join in or shut up!

Mostly No Safe Spaces just helped me put words to something I had been feeling for a while. Vaxxed however, now that was a different story. Now, is it controversial? I guess so. But if you watch it with an open mind, like I did, you can’t escape the feeling that at there is at least something to what they are saying. The first movie deals with vaccines and children developing autism, the second one goes in to mainly the HPV vaccines if I recall right. Looking around after having watched them, it very quickly became apparent that you are not allowed to like them. You should preferably never see them. If the powers that be have anything to say about it.

As a relatively classically educated man and contrarian, this always makes my blood boil. Don’t you tell me what I can and can not read or watch. And not only that, once I started pulling at these threads, a house of cards has started to appear that is just incredible. Is it one great conspiracy? I don’t know. Several small ones? I don’t know. The one thing I am sure of is this: we the people have no been told the truth on so many things for at least a century. I may not know what is going on. But at least, I am awake and even further down the rabbit hole than before.