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☞ Tweetie?

☞ Tweetie?

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If anyone notices such things anymore you may have realised I am no longer waxing eloquent, or otherwise, on Twitter. I’ve been over and out for a bit more than two months I believe. By choice? No. I was kicked off and banned for life. By the “freedom of speech” platform itself. Sure, I only had a bit north of 1000 followers, but I’d had the account since 2007. It was mostly a nice place to hang out, and pretty much the only one I used with any regularity at the time.

So what had I written that was so repugnant that Elon Musk had to throw me off and ban me for life? I really don’t know. I asked them, of course. But they just pointed me to their guidelines, and said I had had multiple violations and upon review, I was now banned for life.

My best guess as to why has to do with virology, vaccines, Big Pharma, and celebrities. As far as I can remember I’ve only ever been kicked off once before. For basically calling Stephen Colbert a pharma shill causing irrevocable harm by indoctrinating people to get shot after shot.

This, I learned, was not something that you can say. Who knew criticising unelected “elites” in the 21st century would be cause for censorship? Once again Elon seem to have the right principles on paper, but in his actions he is very much on the other side, as it were. He only ever goes just far enough to get the attention of the freedom movement, but never all out.

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I’ve been quite critical of the plandemic, that once I realised the shenanigans going on I’ve been keen to call them out and show people why vaccines are little but poisons and viruses do not seem even to exist. Adding to this, I’ve been very openly critical of mainstream media, mainstream politics1Including my own former party, the Liberal Party of Sweden, and the supposed right-wing hardline government of the same country., the “green” agenda, the WHO, the UN, the EU, the WEF, the Federal Government, mainstream health- & diet advice, the ADL, celebrities, and, lately not least, commonly pushed historical narratives.

Do any of these entities care about what I say? It’s unlikely. But that’s not to say they will welcome dissidents even so. I’m not sure what was the final straw, but to the best of my knowledge, I got kicked off and banned for being too truthful. At least, that’s how I’m going to interpret it.

The twist to the plot, however, is that basically the same week as I got banned for life, is when Elon started moving Twitter over to become X. And with this the winds of change seem to be once more sweeping the digital “public square”. Not only is it well known that the CEO of Twitter/X is a WEF stooge who did her best to indoctrinate people before and seems less than keen on free as in beer information. But now X is looking to have everyone verify themselves in quite questionable ways2TL;DR “Now X wants to become the one app for everything. That sounds like a digital ID to me. Twitter already has your voice if you participated in any spaces, now they want your face. Musk stores data outside of the GDPR, so he can ignore all data protection rules.”. And the EU is adding its weight to try and stymie whatever would be left of a free and open exchange of ideas and opinions, as the Union pretty much openly states that dissenting opinions on anything are not welcome and should be quelled through the EU Digital Services Act.

All in all, this makes me feel quite lucky to have gotten out when I did. I don’t need to second guess or think about it. I can’t even by drunken mistake do something I believe most people will come to regret eventually. A spiritual medium I know told me I had been helped by the other side. I think she could very well be right! For what it’s worth, I think everyone should leave Twitter/X forthwith. And while you’re at it, if you still have a Facebook account, kill that too.

Where will I go for social media now? I don’t know. I’m looking at various networks. Mostly to get access to information “they” don’t want you to have, I rely on good old going to web pages and Telegram. But the EU DSA may well compromise the latter soon too. I know it would behoove my future plans to have a social media page for my services, but only the gods know where I will find a suitable space.

Here’s to freedom! Even if it temporarily isolates us.

☞ What is this Body Code?

☞ What is this Body Code?

As I’ve written before I am now a trained Body Code practitioner. But what is that? What does it do? Well, it’s a type of energy healing that can assist your body and soul to balance themselves. We all have emotional baggage and often other issues as well. This is where this type of healing comes in. With the Body Code, I can help you release trapped energies in your body, allowing your body to refocus its healing efforts and balance itself.

While I am working on writing a page for this, I thought I’d share two episodes of the Wise Traditions podcast from The Weston A Price Foundation, where Hilda Labrada Gore interviews Dr Bradley Nelson1The man who discovered the Body Code., and a video where Dr Brad presents the just recently published Body Code book.

Dealing With Emotional Baggage (Part 1) with Bradley Nelson

Dealing With Emotional Baggage (Part 2) with Bradley Nelson

☞ Life ever changing

☞ Life ever changing

Quite aside from everything else that’s going on in the world, I like everyone else have things happening closer to home constantly too. This winter has been more eventful than anyone I can remember I think. One thing is excellent, one thing is fantastic if a bit of a time-suck1If a welcome and beloved one!, and one is just horrible. I guess a fourth thing would be that my nan celebrated her 90th birthday at the beginning of this year, and she’s by and large in rude health. A few aches and pains and they’ve booked her for some minor heart thing, but on the whole nothing major. So Happy Birthday Granny!

DiscoverHearling Certified Body Code Practitioner

The really excellent thing is that I in late December finished my studies to become a Certified Body Code Practioner with DiscoverHealing. Body Code is an energy healing modality discovered by Dr Bradley Nelson and is used by many practitioners all over the world. Most commonly the Body Code is used on humans, but it works just as well on animals. Personally, I’ve seen very interesting results on cats and dogs. I’ve heard of interesting work with horses too, but have yet to try that myself. As time progresses I will create a page here with more information2I will post that info in both English and Swedish. Language doesn’t actually matter much for this modality, but for discussing results English and Swedish (and to a lesser extent the other Scandinavian languages) are used.

This brings me to time. I feel like I have less of it.3And I’m not talking about the phenomenon I hear more and more people talking about in spiritual circles where time seems to be moving faster in some ways and slower in others right now. Last autumn my mother decided she wanted to get a new puppy. We used to have dogs when I was a kid, but it’s been a minute since then. Originally the plan was to wait till she got retired, but as I will work from home and also want a dog, we decided to get one together.


It’s my mother’s dog but I’m very heavily involved. And so, back in November, we got a little Golden Retriever female named Ginnie. I’ve never gone for so many daily walks as I have the past couple of months! I love her, and it’s amazing, but adjusting to caring for the dog and all the other changes has been trickier than I anticipated. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The other changes increased exponentially at the beginning of February. My mother’s husband collapsed in the middle of the night, and to make a very long story very short, he died a week later from injuries sustained from a catastrophic aortic issue that not only injured his heart but essentially rendered him brain dead.4For the record, he was not Pfizered even if he has taken other so-called vaccines in his life. According to the doctors this was more or less to be considered an accident. As far as they know a congenital issue that would have been next to impossible to discover beforehand. Needless to say, my mother is in shock, and I dare say many others are too. Including myself. We were quite close and spent a fair bit of time together.5This goes some way to explain why I have been so quiet lately. Now we are balancing grief with planning the funeral, taking care of the dog, taking care of my nan when she needs anything, and all the practicals around a death.

Claes Jogréus 1960 – 2023

I have plans and ideas that I want to move forward with. I have a lot to think out loud, and I want to start helping people heal. I will get to this. But the transition into this new phase of life will be slower than I thought last autumn. Especially because of the death in the family. If nothing else, I’ve been starkly reminded of how precious time down here is. I believe in reincarnation and that we never really die. But there are still things you want to do while you are here. I intend to do my best to do those things I want to do and that feels important to me. In the light of Claes’ death and the evil scam being played on us by society; now really is the time!

☞ It’s starting. Again…

☞ It’s starting. Again…

They are going to try and ramp it up again. Though, I think, it might be a little harder this time around as more and more people are starting to think something is off. That doesn’t mean the propaganda won’t be intense! And many will fall for it. One wonders for how long The Atlantic’s talk of “amnesty”1For the record, we did know something was off. And you bastards didn’t just stay quiet as the trains rolled out with us, you actively cheered and hunted us down. The ‘I wonder what I would do if I lived during Nazism in Germany’-question has been answered for many. And you, dear mainstream media, now know. You are bastards without moral fibre. will continue, or if they will go back to calling the vaccine sceptics, hesitant, and non-believers for all the negative invectives in the dictionary.

Dr Sam BAiley has a new instalment in her series on the Covid fraud, and this time she is touching in the reruns. It’s hard to lie with such fervour without repetition.

The COVID-19 narrative is running out of fresh material, so they are starting to do re-runs. And just like “The Love Boat”, the stories aboard the Princess Cruise ships are just as fictional.

I also think there is some measure of what might be thought of as controlled opposition. We have several dissident doctors at this point, but they all buy into the idea that virology is real. Based on what I’ve read and seen at this point, I’m more than willing to say: It doesn’t! I know that Del Bigrtree has more or less hinted that he thinks there might be something to that idea, but that the average Joe isn’t ready to hear it. That is, people are adult enough to hear their governments have been, actively or by accident, trying to kill them, yet not adult enough to hear virology might be a well-funded scam of epic proportions. Adding insult to injury, this means all the talk about “lab leaks” and “gain of function” is bollocks too. Sure, they may have all sorts of poisons in those labs, but they aren’t viruses. And given what’s going on with money rolling into Ukraine from both the US and the EU, and likely through FTX and on to the Democrats, this too would be a pretty excellent way to empty the public purse and get it into the hands of the scrupleless through Big Pharma.

The “Gain of Function” narrative is reaching all new heights. Boston University claimed they engineered a “virus” with an 80% lethality rate. But what actually killed these poor mice?

I’m not quite through it yet, but I highly recommend Dr Mark Bailey’s article Why nobody “Had, Caught, or Got” COVID-19.

☞ The ‘died suddenly’ trend

☞ The ‘died suddenly’ trend

The virus is fake, but the lethality of the “vaccine” is very real. This documentary goes into what’s going on with the vaccine injured. And it’s looking bleak at best. People, especially children, are dying and no one is really talking about it in the mainstream. This film posits that this may well have been the idea to begin with. I tend to lean in that direction too. Too many things had to be falling into place for this to be a mere coincidence if you ask me.

Let us never forget what they have done!

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

☞ Get in touch with your intuition

☞ Get in touch with your intuition

Personally, I find this to be quite true too. Looking back I can point to several occasions where I realise I should have listened to my intuition. In fact, my current quest to become a healer includes honing my intuition as well. I know dwelling on the past is mostly useless, however, I do wish I had learnt this lesson as a teenager. So much suffering could have been avoided. On the other hand, it would likely have been replaced by other mistakes…

Trust your intuition; tend your fire.

☞ The X-Files was right! (About this too…)

☞ The X-Files was right! (About this too…)

The propaganda around American alphabet-soup organisations is everywhere. Some of the most popular TV shows in history are about how, ultimately, they are defenders of what is right and good in this world. Even if our specific hero sometimes has to fight the tedious, and occasionally evil, bureaucracies of (especially) Washington. Of the shows about these, mostly, three-letter agencies, one stands out in my mind. The X-Files. It was always at the very least more nuanced. There were good individuals (such as Mulder, Scully, and Skinner), but mostly the FBI was either portrayed as inept, actively trying to hide the truth, in the hands of dark forces, or even part of the dark forces. Yes, you can find exceptions, but looking back it is quite striking how negative towards the FBI this FBI show was.

No wonder it was always my favourite. 😏

Lately, it has become abundantly clear that if the FBI as an organisation ever was good, that’s now well in the past. It is now a highly politicised tool, mostly used by the government in general against citizens, and more often than not by the left against the right. I hope there are real Mulder’s and Sculley’s working away in the organisation, but I’m finding it ever harder to believe.

And for old time’s sake, why not enjoy some funny scenes from one of the best shows of the 90s:

Remember to laugh, remember that the truth is out there, and keep looking at the sky.

As always, keep tending your fire.

☞ Time Out…

☞ Time Out…

It may be that you wonder where I’ve gone on social media, Twitter and Instagram specifically. Well, early in July I was suspended for calling John Oliver a two-faced liar and coward. He and his team had tweeted something about standing up for freedom of speech and I called him out on his bullshit. As it transpires, this is verboten in our ‘free’ society…

To be fair, I was only banned for a week. However, when they also told me I could still be on there to watch limply like some sort of Valley cuck, I said “screw it” and logged off for a while. Most likely I will return at some point if for no other reason than that I have plenty of friends on both platforms. But for now, I’m out making things (I’ve built a stairway in the garden!) and learning new things.

Just today I got enrolled in The Body Code over at Discover Healing. It’s the second step now that I’ve become certified in The Emotion Code. My plan is to become a full-time healer (and possibly bard, as in writer).

As ever tending the fires.

☞ There are no respiratory viruses

☞ There are no respiratory viruses

I’ve been on a journey to accept this, and through various books and teachers, I have come to the conclusion that virology is a scam. What makes the below video remarkable is that Dr Mike Yeadon1Former V.P. at Pfizer has reached the same conclusion.2With the same teachers no less.

As always, tend your fire.