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☞ Life ever changing

☞ Life ever changing

Quite aside from everything else that’s going on in the world, I like everyone else have things happening closer to home constantly too. This winter has been more eventful than anyone I can remember I think. One thing is excellent, one thing is fantastic if a bit of a time-suck1If a welcome and beloved one!, and one is just horrible. I guess a fourth thing would be that my nan celebrated her 90th birthday at the beginning of this year, and she’s by and large in rude health. A few aches and pains and they’ve booked her for some minor heart thing, but on the whole nothing major. So Happy Birthday Granny!

DiscoverHearling Certified Body Code Practitioner

The really excellent thing is that I in late December finished my studies to become a Certified Body Code Practioner with DiscoverHealing. Body Code is an energy healing modality discovered by Dr Bradley Nelson and is used by many practitioners all over the world. Most commonly the Body Code is used on humans, but it works just as well on animals. Personally, I’ve seen very interesting results on cats and dogs. I’ve heard of interesting work with horses too, but have yet to try that myself. As time progresses I will create a page here with more information2I will post that info in both English and Swedish. Language doesn’t actually matter much for this modality, but for discussing results English and Swedish (and to a lesser extent the other Scandinavian languages) are used.

This brings me to time. I feel like I have less of it.3And I’m not talking about the phenomenon I hear more and more people talking about in spiritual circles where time seems to be moving faster in some ways and slower in others right now. Last autumn my mother decided she wanted to get a new puppy. We used to have dogs when I was a kid, but it’s been a minute since then. Originally the plan was to wait till she got retired, but as I will work from home and also want a dog, we decided to get one together.


It’s my mother’s dog but I’m very heavily involved. And so, back in November, we got a little Golden Retriever female named Ginnie. I’ve never gone for so many daily walks as I have the past couple of months! I love her, and it’s amazing, but adjusting to caring for the dog and all the other changes has been trickier than I anticipated. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The other changes increased exponentially at the beginning of February. My mother’s husband collapsed in the middle of the night, and to make a very long story very short, he died a week later from injuries sustained from a catastrophic aortic issue that not only injured his heart but essentially rendered him brain dead.4For the record, he was not Pfizered even if he has taken other so-called vaccines in his life. According to the doctors this was more or less to be considered an accident. As far as they know a congenital issue that would have been next to impossible to discover beforehand. Needless to say, my mother is in shock, and I dare say many others are too. Including myself. We were quite close and spent a fair bit of time together.5This goes some way to explain why I have been so quiet lately. Now we are balancing grief with planning the funeral, taking care of the dog, taking care of my nan when she needs anything, and all the practicals around a death.

Claes Jogréus 1960 – 2023

I have plans and ideas that I want to move forward with. I have a lot to think out loud, and I want to start helping people heal. I will get to this. But the transition into this new phase of life will be slower than I thought last autumn. Especially because of the death in the family. If nothing else, I’ve been starkly reminded of how precious time down here is. I believe in reincarnation and that we never really die. But there are still things you want to do while you are here. I intend to do my best to do those things I want to do and that feels important to me. In the light of Claes’ death and the evil scam being played on us by society; now really is the time!