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☞ The Proper Human Diet

☞ The Proper Human Diet

For anyone even vaguely interested in the low carb world of today, Ken and Neisha Berry should be familiar faces. A doctor and a nurse, they alone have done more for the general health of people than any government probably ever.

Now they have decided to do an online summit for The Proper Human Diet on September 11-13 this year, and given that almost everything else has been canceled this may well be the greatest keto event of the year.1Personally I especially lament the Scandinavian Meat-ing being postponed. But hopefully next year!

For $37 you get video access to some amazing speakers, undoubtedly a lot of fun, and you are practically guaranteed to come out smarter about your health the other side.

In this year’s first ever digital PHD Summit, we are excited to provide the community with the same top speakers, panels, groundbreaking content that brings out the best in us despite any medical condition.

We are excited to create a conference that will serve as the catalyst for those who want to follow the PHD lifestyle, around the world to easily build the healthy life you want. You will gain the cohesive expertise you need to rapidly accelerate your lifestyle and take control of your health journey.

By bringing together the top health educators for a three day journey, we are creating the proper environment to deliver everything you need to optimize your future by making a serious health impact.

I have just signed up, and I am really looking forward to enjoying what promises to be a great event! A few of the highlights2Though obviously all really are…! are Professor Tim Noaks, Jamie Seeman, Michael Eades, Nurse Cindy, Kim Howerton and Ben Bikman.

Hope to ‘see’ you there!