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☞ Inconsistent constants

☞ Inconsistent constants

I came across this video while roaming the internet a while back. Now, I’m aware Rupert Sheldrake is, shall we say controversial.1To the point of being outright hated by many I get that, and yet, what he is saying here makes perfect sense to me.

I don’t believe the universe is materialistic. I am convinced by the research claiming the Universe to be fundamentally made of consciousness.2A notion I intend to explore further in future posts too. In essence, then, the Universe is alive in my view. And that’s where we get to one of my most interesting aha moments watching this video: physical constants fluctuate over time. They are not constant! The main reason we don’t notice is that no one bothers to check anymore. We need the universe to run on constants, but the Universe doesn’t really. Which, I think, makes perfect sense.

As I understand Sheldrake, it’s because the Universe fluctuates. It’s natural. Sunspots, waves, our bodies etc. And once you think about it you realise everything does, if you leave the human point of view. Some things fluctuate so quickly we don’t notice, other things so slowly we don’t notice.

As always, make up your own mind! But to me, the Universe is both more magical and more alive than we have been led to believe. I’m a big believer in the scientific principle, I do however have a deep mistrust of Science™ and scientist who think everything is settled. Science is never settled, it just strives to be better.