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☞ A different kind of meditation

☞ A different kind of meditation

I’ve been a regular meditator for around a decade at this point. I always sort of knew it was a good thing, but now I can’t do without it. I just feel it in mind and body if I don’t do at least five to ten minutes a day1As they say, a minute counts! Usually I want to get 30 minutes to an hour a day. But also, I don’t have kids yet…. At the start I did mostly mindfulness meditation following my breath, then I started checking out other kinds.

Enter Solfeggio notes. I can’t remember where I first heard of these and their more or less magical properties, but it sounded interesting. Looking around, I found a chakra meditation based on them. The first time I did it, it felt like my chakras were ancient machines, like ancient clock, that started spinning again and the dust and rust flew everywhere. I had physical bodily reactions the first time2The kind where you urgently need a restroom.. It was amazing. It’s never been quite that level again, but it’s still a meditation I keep returning to whenever I feel like a need a bit of a boost.

Music slowly entering to state of relaxation starts from 396 Hz and going up to 417 Hz, 528 Hz 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz and finish at 963 Hz. Normally there is 9 Solfeggio tones including 174 Hz and 285 Hz but just seven of them correspond to chakras.

Now you have a chance to experience these frequencies. 

Enjoy, Sat Nam, and keep tending your fire.