☞ Why beauty matters

☞ Why beauty matters

It’s a sad state of affairs that modern society doesn’t care about beauty anymore. I’m not saying you can’t find it, but overall, there’s a distinct lack of it. Especially in the disciplines that have traditionally borne it. Architecture, art, sculpture, dance, music, even writing; where modern architecture and modern art especially should be shamed.1I found it very interesting when I watched The Fountainhead that Ayn Rand’s hero, Howard Roark, wants to build “modern skyscrapers” which is portrayed by Rand as very noble and individualistic. I don’t disagree as such. Intriguingly though, you could argue that modern architecture is even more conformist than classical architecture is portrayed in the story. I think there is good reason for each generation to make their own mark and think their own thoughts, but we shouldn’t forget our roots. A tree, architecturally or otherwise, can’t live unless it grows both up and down. Though I do recognise the architecture is slightly beside the point of the story.

This one-hour (or so) documentary on beauty with Roger Scruton is well worth the time. It’s time we all made an effort to bring beauty back to our culture.

As always, keep the fire burning in your heart.

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