☞ The Fear of Imperfection

☞ The Fear of Imperfection

This post has been so long in coming I feel shame creeping up my neck. My intention was always to start quickly. To write. To think. To help. Then I actually did start to think… Overthink. What if it isn’t perfect? What if I fail? What if I have literally nothing to say? What if I get a cramp in my wrist or callouses on my fingers?1Well, I guess guitar practice has sort of made that a non-writing related issue now anyway…

Therefor think of this post as me messing up the paper. Making a scratch on that scary blank canvas, the blog. Get the proverbial ball rolling. And to really underline my sentiment I’ll let Ze Frank lead us in with one of my favourite inspirational videos ever:

I’m ready to let my self be vulnerable.

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